Hur mycket träd vill du spara?

How many trees do you want to save?

How many trees do you want to save?

Buy products that also do good! When you buy OLIKA's books or borrow them from the library, you help save trees and collect carbon dioxide. The recycled paper is the link!

In 2022, we saved 1000 trees by choosing recycled instead of new paper. Trees that continue to stand and absorb the carbon dioxide. We hunt down the companies and paper mills in Europe that also invest in sustainability, and store the paper at our printing house in Riga.

Are you a big reader?
70 books per year = you save 1 whole tree

Are you an intermediate reader?
35 books per year = you save 1/2 a tree

Is it a regular reader?
17 books per year = you save 1/4 of a tree

The more people, preschools, schools and libraries that choose recycled over new, the more trees can be saved. The cyclical society is here, and together we can change. Start sorting now in November 2023!

Here you will find our books and games printed on RECYCLED PAPER! ♻️

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