Everyone dies

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Type: Bilderbok
Författare: Jesper Lundqvist
Illustratör: Gabrielle Frödén

Everyone dies is a children's book about death - and life!

Someone lives for a day.
Another in a few breaths.
A third exists for a hundred years.
Then it always ends the same way: Everyone dies.

A heartful picture book that approaches death with curiosity and humor. What happens when someone dies? And what if no one ever died? And why should we take the opportunity to live exactly today?

What is OLIKA? ❤️

  • From Buddhism to atheism - different faiths
  • Funerals in different ways, in a coffin or in the sea
  • About all feelings death arouses; anger, surprise, or tears welling up


The book is Svanen-labelled - good for our climate and for our children! Here you can read more about our climate work.

Age approx: 3-6 years
ISBN: 9789188613882
Format: Hard cover, hardcover book
Size: 20.5 x 20.5 cm
Number of pages: 38
Weight: 260 g
Paper: EU flower-labeled recycled Cyclus Silk from Lecta, produced in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, France
Printer: Nordic Ecolabelled printing house Dardedze Holografija in Riga, Latvia
E-book: -
Audiobook: -


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