Book package: Anti-racism 6-9 years

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Books that create anti-racism, because representation matters!👊🏽✊🏾✊🏿❤️

Karam has fled Syria and on the way learned magic. Now everyone in the class wants to learn it too. Abel talks about who he is in love with, but is anyone in love with him? Linda Karlsson lives next door to Noomi, she can fly, for real. It's especially good when someone throws your hat onto the roof. Hang out with an embarrassing mom and grandma at parties. Next time he will probably go by himself! Adnan, on the other hand, does not want to go alone, he wants his father and mother to accompany him to the beach, but they are always tired. Then he goes anyway.

The package contains a mix of easy-to-read books and easy-to-read chapter books with illustrations.

There is tutorials with norm-creative questions for most of our books. Click on the book's product page and scroll down to find them. All books which is included in the package, you can see below.


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