Mad Women: a Herstory of Advertising (New Edition)

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Författare: Christina Knight

Mad Women shines a spotlight on the lack of gender equality in the advertising industry by highlighting 17 amazing women and their stories. Included in the book are some of the giants of the industry, such as Mary Wells Lawrence, the first female CEO to have her company listed on the stock exchange in New York, and Shelly Lazarus, who for many years has been on Forbes' list of the 100 most powerful women in the world, as well as exciting Swedish abilities such as Anna Qvennerstedt and Nina Åkestam. The book is written in English.

Meet 17 inspiring ad women who have paved their own way in an industry traditionally defined by Mad men. Their experiences and advice on how to make advertising more diverse, inclusive and gender equal is a game changer and something agencies, clients and consumers will benefit from.

The women in the book:
Christina Knight
Shanteka Sigers
Cilla Snowball
Joanna Wong
Catrin Vagnemark
Mary Wells Lawrence
Stephanie Wurst
Shelley Lazarus
Marianna Ghirlanda
Rakhshin Patel
Jean Grow
Anna Quennerstedt
Susan Hoffman
Margaret Key
Nunu Ntsihingila-Njeke
Kat Gordon
Nina Åkestam Wikner

Christina Knight has worked in the communications industry for almost 30 years and has throughout her career been a role model by teaching, inspiring and acting as a mentor to young women in this still male-dominated industry. She dares to question and be critical about her own industry. With this book she put the issue on the agenda which led to an annual gender equality survey in the industry, a TED talk and numerous international lectures. Christina's effort and enduring commitment has certainly contributed greatly to changing the perception of leadership in the communications industry, an industry that greatly influences the public space in terms of role models, values ​​and beliefs, not least in a younger generation. Christina Knight is a great role model and well worthy of attention for what she is - a leader.

The first edition was created in cooperation with KOMM! (Swedish Association of Communication Agencies) and is part of the ongoing work for equality.

Today Christina Knight is running Mad Women Academy supporting change within the advertising and communications industry, with an emphasis on gender balance and more diversity. Mad Women Academy offers online training, strategic and conceptual work, lectures and teaching. Customers include The Amazing Society, Bergendahls, Fredrika Bremer Förbundet, Jureskogs, IKEA Sweden, The Swedish Institute, House of Sweden/Washington DC, The History Museum, Stockholm, UN Women/HeForShe, WaterAid, The 3% Conference, Swedfund, Berghs School of Communications, Forsbergs and more.

What is OLIKA? ❤️
Creates equality in the powerful ad industry
Life stories and great advice from the 17 Mad Women
Women from all over the world are included in the book


The book is Svanen-labelled - good for our climate and for our children! Here you can read more about our climate work.

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Mary Wells Lawrence
Put it on your reading list immediately

This book is a well-needed, empowering and inspirational account of women s experiences of the ad industry. An industry which far too long has lacked the perspective of half of the population; the very half which to such a large extent represents the consumer. Therefore, everyone who wants to shape our future industry should put it on their reading list immediately.

Philip Thomas, Chariman Canne Lions
Greatest women in advertising

Christina Knight has taken it upon herself to shine a light on the greatest advertising thinkers, from the incomparable Mary Wells Lawrence to legends like Cilla Snowball and Shelly Lazarus, to young women in the industry today. She offers inspirational stories of talent, fortitude and sheer hard work. Women are still woefully under-represented in advertising, especially in the senior roles. This book is packed with 17 reasons why that must change.