Book package: Preschool Anti-racism 0-3 years

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Create anti-racism with our lovely book package for the youngest. Because representation matters! 👊🏾❤️

Cones, leaves, what a lot of fun there is in the park in autumn! The child wakes up, the mothers sleep, only the cat is awake. Take Zozo to the playground, the grocery store or at night when dads are sleeping. Play with the dog, draw on the wall? Bake buns, recipe included and accompany the child who wonders what happens when the adults are up in the evening? Or what is it like to have a sibling? Finally, two nice titles with the mother police, about everyday adventures, also in rhyme!

There is tutorials with norm-creative questions for most of our books. Click on the book's product page and scroll down to find them. All books which is included in the package, you can see below.

OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃

We print on recycled paper at a Nordic Ecolabelled printing house - good for the climate and the children! Read more about our active climate work !