Book package: Preschool Antiracism 0-6 years

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Create anti-racism at preschool with the help of our big lovely book package.
Because representation matters! 👊🏾❤️

In this package, we have collected amazing books and series. Read about the child who discovers the park or the child who wakes up early in the morning, when only the cat is awake. Discover Zozo and everyday adventures in the grocery store or in the playground. Or mother police who is the best at playing. Inventor Johanna presents all her inventions and Hamsa philosophizes about different feelings. And of course a handbook for talking about racism and anti-racism and a fairytale classic like Little Red Riding Hood.

There is tutorials with norm-creative questions for most of our books. Click on the book's product page and scroll down to find them. All books which is included in the package, you can see below.

OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃

We print on recycled paper at a Nordic Ecolabelled printing house - good for the climate and the children! Read more about our active climate work !