Book package: Kivi 3-6 years

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An exuberant book package with three books about Kivi! Plus a craft book with cut-out dolls and a paper figure. Extra everything!

Ten years ago, Kivi helped launch the word hen in Sweden , with echoes in the rest of the world. Kivi is a real everyday hero who makes everyone visible: she, they and he. A hero who broadens representation and gives children more opportunities!

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The package includes: Kivi & Monster Dog, Kivi & Goraffen, Kivi & Drakbrakaren, Draw & Clue with Kivi and a paper figure that can be hung or set up.

What is OLIKA? ❤️

  • Rhymes and funny words: folders, pammor, storebröstrar & marfor
  • Nobody is gendered, they/them is the pronoun used
  • Strong emotions: tears that spurt and anger that fumes

OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃
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