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100 possibilities instead of 2
  • In which situations are children treated unequally?
  • Equality in practice!
  • Practical and simple tips for change!

The training is based on the book Give your child 100 opportunities instead of 2, and is held by lecturer and author Kristina Henkel. The book has been called the "gender bible for everyone who wants to achieve equality" and has been translated into Norwegian, Serbian, English, Spanish and Korean.

Join us and learn more about common gender traps, but above all how we can create equality and give all children 100 opportunities instead of just 2. It's about how we empower children to be themselves, as the unique and amazing individuals they are actually are, instead of being hindered by unequal expectations and gender traps.

The course is suitable for parents and other important adults, the preschool and for those who work with children.

Kristina Henkel has extensive experience in training and supervising issues of gender equality and norm creativity in preschools, schools, municipalities, for parents and various bodies and organizations that meet children and young people. Kristina has also written the book En jämställd förskola och skola and worked with the Swedish School Administration and made the films For a jämställd school and the toolbox ALLA RÄTT .

How does it happen?
1) Choose how many people will take part in the course.
2) When you have purchased the course, you play it from your account here at If you do not already have an account, you will be asked to create one.
3) The course remains for 6
months and you can watch it as many times as you want.

4) NOTE! Only those who have paid for the course may take part in it. A fine is issued if you violate this.

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What is included in the training?

  • Three educational films of 20 min
  • Discussion questions for each film
  • Checklist for treatment, methods; Teach all children consent, the 3-step method of boundaries and bang, bang and violent games.

  • The films are approximately 20 minutes long and are suitable for a workplace meeting, parents' meeting or together with friends and family. Preferably with popcorn or your favorite snacks. The course is available for 6 months, by logging in to our website. Pink and blue ketchup - what does the training include?

    Video 1) 100 Possibilities - Add and redo instead of delete
    Imagine that the ketchup for your hot dog was pink or blue and you could only choose one the color. Crazy and unfair! That's what many children think about inequality. In this movie you gain knowledge of three common pitfalls when we are to do equality, but above all strategies for change. How can you become aware and practice treating children equally?

    Film 2) 100 possibilities – Common pitfalls in language and behavior
    Which words we choose matter! Crafts or inventions? Testing limits or fooling around? Be picky or meticulous? How we treat children affects how children create their identity and image of themselves, who they are and can be in the world. You gain knowledge about how you can do for all children must practice both giving and taking place.

    Film 3) 100 Possibilities – Common traps in play and emotions
    Monster dudes and Lego dudes - how can the game become equal? And how can you strengthen children's friendships? In this film, you also gain knowledge about how to strengthen children's identity and integrity using emotions and boundaries. The film also addresses how we teach children consent - simply a few keys to prevent today's children from writing #metoo in the future.

    Our digital courses are produced by Tove Rosander and Kristina Henkel. They become available by logging into your account after you have purchased the training. The format is video footage with lectures and discussion questions as well as material that you can download in PDF format. Are you more than 10 people who will attend the training? Contact us and you will receive a group discount.

    Fines are issued for people who take part in the training without having paid. The lectures and material may not be distributed to other persons, preschools, schools, organizations or companies that have not purchased the training. All films and material are protected by copyright law.

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