Author - Jessika Berglund

Författare - Jessika Berglund

Who is Jessica Berglund ?

Jessika Berglund lives in Mölndal, with a view of the lake. She works as a writer, cartoonist and artist. Most of what Jessika does is, in one way or another, about a close relationship with nature. For OLIKA, she has written the picture book Sister green.

"The idea for this book came when I wrote a poem on the theme of green. Mixing to green colors is one of the most exciting things I know and taking the poem all the way to a story was fun – and difficult. But the book is not about color but about love and disappointment, about looking up to the one who is big and about wanting so deeply to do well for the one who is small. It has been an exciting process but it took time. I had to twist and turn the story many times before it was finished, but that's almost always the case. During the work on the book, I have come to like these sisters a lot. It's like they're real. And they probably do.”