Author - Negin Azimi

Författare - Negin Azimi

Who is Negin Azimi ?

Negin Azimi (born 1998) is a sought-after inspirational speaker and moderator in the business world. She also works as a PR consultant and has sat on the board of SOS Children's Villages. She has previously been named Sweden's Youth Entrepreneur and the world's youngest TEDx organizer. In 2021, she debuted as an author with the book Kämpa smart & dröm big.

What feeling do you want to give your readers? Favorite tip?

I want the reader to feel hope and realize that each person's journey is unique. There is no right or wrong way to go, and anything is possible if you work smart enough.

A tip that I really like is chapter two, namely to "bring out the unique in you". That chapter is about ignoring comparing yourself to others and lifting the aspects of yourself that you may have seen as negative before. In my case, that I was young, a girl and have a different background than Swedish, with a different name. It is precisely these things that are my advantage and strength today.

Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

Many people I've talked to usually say that it's good to research before writing, but I've ignored what's out there and made my dream book instead. My biggest inspiration has been my mother's paintings and being able to share everything I myself needed to know with others. Even the thought of how many people can hopefully take part of my lessons through the book, has been a great driving force and source of inspiration.

What was the most fun and hardest part of writing the book?

The funnest but at the same time the most difficult part has been getting all the different parts and components of the book together so that it becomes a whole. Everything from my story, tips, exercises, twenty-six different interviews, and different quotes to match each chapter, other people's opinions in the writing process, the design and my mother's paintings which are a common thread throughout the book. I'm really happy with the result, and having so many people involved in the work on the book has made it so good. It has been very rewarding to be able to test a completely new industry, the book industry, without any previous experience of working with books.