Book Guide: The Wild and the Enigmatic Thief

Who is the thief?

Footsteps are heard on the roofs and things disappear. What if someone wants to eat the magical screwdriver? And what if the silvery giant caterpillar is involved? April and Kian have to be extra careful. Because this can get really dangerous.

Questions about the book

1. April's father says that April is his greatest treasure. It makes April completely warm in the body. How do you feel when you are happy and feel loved? How does it feel to like someone?

2. April and Kian have a pact. If they are ever scared to death, they will be scared together. Do you have an agreement or pact with someone? How did you decide that?

3. When the box forces Kian and April to stay at the Haunted House, they delude themselves that they are not afraid of anything at all When do you get afraid? Do you have any tricks to overcome fear?

4. Aunt Anja hides smelly cheeses in the Horrible House. Do you have a secret? How would it feel if someone found out your secret? Can there be times when one must reveal someone's secret to someone else?

5. April and Kian sleep outside in the big tree in their crocheted tree sleeping bags. Would you dare to sleep in a tree? Have you ever slept outside?

6. April and Kian are in the "Strange mannicker friends" club. Are you a member of any club? What club would you like to join if you are not in any?

7. When April and Kian go out into the night to save the manikin, April says it's "summer dark" outside. What do you think April means by that? Can darkness be different depending on the season? Which season do you like best and why?

8. Henrietta seems to have a hard time saying thank you. She doesn't until the Box prompts her to do so. Why do you think she has a hard time saying thank you? Why is it important to say thank you? Give three examples of when you can give thanks for something.

About courage

It's exciting and fun to challenge yourself, but it can also be scary to do things we don't really dare. When we cope with new challenges, it feels good and our self-confidence grows. But no one can be brave all the time. Therefore, it is also important that we are allowed to show ourselves vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that many girls and boys are brought up in different ways and the narrow standards of our society remain. Who is encouraged to test boundaries? And who is encouraged to be adventurous and dare to try new things.

Encourage yourself to take the place you want. And encourage others to dare to try new things. It's okay to fail, cry and be vulnerable so help each other to dare to show all different emotions.

About being determined

Being sure of what one thinks and wants and finding it easy to express it clearly is a quality that most people benefit from. Being able to identify what you want and being able to say it doesn't have to preclude the ability to listen to what others want, nor does it have to be about always having to get your way.

Expressing one's will, listening, the ability to give room to others and to be able to compromise are an important part of the democratic work at school. Do you have any ideas how you can work more on this?

The school curriculum

"It is not enough to convey knowledge of basic democratic values ​​in teaching. Teaching must be conducted in democratic ways of working and prepare students to actively participate in social life." Lgr rev. 2019