Book Guide: The Wild and the Magical bicycle

How much noise can a bike make?

April wants a new bike. But instead, April gets a life-threatening old screw-up bike. It flies mad and crash lands. Not only that. The bike tells April and Kian that they must free a stolen boy. How crazy can a bike get?

Questions about the book

1. April gets so angry that there is an angry lump in her stomach that starts to sneeze. When was the last time you got angry? How does anger feel in your body?

2. Kian is impressed when April crashes in the garden and sets a wild bravery record. What impresses you? And what do you like to do for wild ones

3. April lives with her father and aunt Anja (and the magpie Dropp). Who do you live with? How do you live? Who is included in your family?

4. The neighbor Edda is useless at baking buns, but all the better at inventing and welding smart gadgets. What are you good at? Is it okay to tell if someone is not good at something? Can everyone be good at everything?

5. April really wants a new bike, but April gets a used bike. What are the advantages of buying used things?

6. Drop the magpie lives in the tree outside April's window. Dropp usually comes in to talk and be company sometimes. Do you know an animal that you like? What do you like about your friendship?

7. The mission in the book, to find the screwdriver, Kian and April do at night when it's dark outside. Do you like being outside when it's dark? Why do you think many people are afraid of the dark?

8. The box is not very good at landing and really needs practice. What do you need to practice? How can you do that?

Which inventors do you know?

Here are some examples of smart inventions: The washing machine, kevlar, baking powder, menstrual cup, solar cells, penicillin, microphones and velcro. Do you know who invented these things?

When we think of the word inventor, many people still see a white man in a white coat. But that's not true at all. In order to change stereotypical norms about WHO is an inventor and WHAT is an invention, we therefore need to highlight role models of many different people who are inventors and many different things that are inventions.

About courage

It's exciting and fun to challenge yourself, but it can also be scary to do things we don't really dare. When we cope with new challenges, it feels good and our self-confidence grows. But no one can be brave all the time. Therefore, it is also important that we are allowed to show ourselves vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that many girls and boys are brought up in different ways and the narrow standards of our society remain. Who is encouraged to test boundaries? And who is encouraged to be adventurous and dare to try new things. Encourage yourself to take the place you want. And encourage others to dare to try new things. It's okay to fail, cry and be vulnerable, so help each other to dare to show all different emotions.

The school curriculum

"The school must stimulate the students' creativity, curiosity and self-confidence as well as their willingness to try and put ideas into action and solve problems. The students must have the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility and develop their ability to work both independently and together with others." Lgr rev. 2019