Book guide: The family hunt

What is a family?

And who can be family to each other? The Space Filure has to find out and heads to the planet Earth to get answers.

Questions about family

The Abu family offers baklava and tea when the space junkies make a surprise visit. What would you like to offer if someone came to visit you?

Minisha and father Frans eat an omelette in a baguette. What do you and your family usually eat for breakfast?

Ellen and Leo are colleagues, but also best friends. Sometimes a family member can be your best friend. Eugene lives with his rooster. What determines what makes a family, do you think?

How does your family look? How many adults are there in your family? How many children are there in your family? Where does your family live? In one or more houses?

Almost everyone who lives in Sweden today has relatives who were born in different countries. In a sense, one can see the whole world as one big country. Where are you born? Where or from what places is your family from?

Questions about professions, photography and space

Ellen is an engineer, My and Mali are mechanics, Barbro is a farmer, Carla's father is a musician and mother is a boxer. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Filuren takes a lot of photos on his trip! One could say that he is a photographer. If you could be a photographer for a day, what would you like to photograph?

The space filur lives with lots of other filurs on a planet in space. What different planets are there in space?

Draw! Let the children create freely and draw what they think is in space and which families live there.

About families

Families look different. In Sweden, there are 1.2 million families with children under the age of 18. Three out of ten families are not nuclear families with mother-father-children, despite this the family norm is strong and many families are made invisible in films, books and magazines. Approximately two out of ten families consist of one parent and one out of ten families have bonus parents (SCB 2022). The pre-school's mission is to reflect all different families in an obvious way.

Tip! Instead of asking the children what are your mom and dad's names? Can we ask; who are in your family?

Tip! When children play family, encourage them to play different kinds of families. Families with one father and one mother, families with two mothers, one mother and so on.

The preschool curriculum

"The education must be characterized by openness and respect for differences in people's perceptions and lifestyles. It should give the children the opportunity to reflect on and share their thoughts on life issues in different ways. "Lpfö 2018