Book guide: Hocus pocus: Gone

Sorcery and magic

Smart Noomi is back, and now she has to solve a mystery. Someone has taken grandfather's silver spoons. Who could it be? Imagine if Noomi could become invisible. Then she could reveal the thief...

Questions about friendship

Noomi and her father wish that grandfather and Åke, grandfather's neighbor, could become friends. Why do you think they want that? Is there someone close to you that you wish were friends with?

When grandfather's silver spoon is missing, he blames Åke. Why do you think he does that? What do you think about blaming someone you don't know for doing something stupid?

Noomi has gone to buy milk. She is invisible in the store and walks past the candy. She looks a little extra, but takes nothing. Why don't you think she does? Did you take the candy? Why or why not?

Questions about magic and superpowers

Noomi walks past an aunt and whispers the secret rhyme. "What did you say?" asks the aunt. “It's a secret,” Noomi replies. What could be exciting about secrets? Is there anything that could be less good about secrets, don't you think?

Noomi loves magic. What magical trait would you like to have and why?

Noomi learns to become invisible from Linda Karlsson. When could it be good to be invisible? Are there times when you have felt invisible? Or maybe times when you wished you had been?

About family

Families look different. In Sweden, there are 1.2 million families with children under the age of 18. Three out of ten families are not nuclear families with mother-father-children, despite this the family norm is strong and
many families are made invisible in films, books and magazines. Approximately two out of ten families consist of one parent and one out of ten families have bonus parents (SCB 2022). The school's mission is to reflect all different families in an obvious way. How can we adults do this? instead of asking the children what is your mother and father's name? Can we ask who is in your family?

Make a family star!
Another way to work inclusively is to let every child make a family star, with a photo of the child in the center of the star and on each part of the star you can draw and write in the important people in the child's life. In this way, you make room for families with two mothers, two fathers, several parents, siblings, grandfather, a cat and yes, everyone different who is close to the child and is important.

The school curriculum

"Language, learning and identity development are closely linked. Through rich opportunities to converse, read and write, every student should be able to develop their opportunities to communicate and thereby gain confidence in their linguistic ability." Lpfö 2011, rev. 2019