Book guide: CHRISTMAS point book

Gingerbread, star and fir tree

Do you also love Christmas? Different people have brought in different traditions when Christmas is to be celebrated and around the world Christmas is celebrated in different ways. In this book, we have highlighted Christmas from a child's perspective. Feel, look and taste Christmas!

About celebrating Christmas and Lucia

Celebrating Christmas in a special way is experienced as a Swedish tradition with a Christian background. It may be good to consider that the way we celebrate Christmas right now is relatively new, and will probably change in the future. And that many of the things that we think are important during Christmas have little to do with the Christian injunctions around Christmas. The vast majority of people who celebrate Christmas do not see themselves as either Christians or believers. Anyone who wants to can celebrate Christmas, regardless of their religious beliefs or not.

How can the Lucia celebration be based on the will and wishes of the children, instead of the expectations and ideas of adults? In this book, for example, there are several pike.

In the book Christmas, there is a Lucia train with four different children. Two of them have lucia crowns, one has Santa's hat and one has glitter.

- What would you like to wear on a lucia train?

Snowmen and winter

- Someone has built a snowman in the book! Have you ever built anything out of snow?

- What do you think about playing in the snow?

Tips for all adults!
What more words can you think of that are gendered? Snowman, Lego man, fireman and so on. That the man is the norm is clearly visible in the Swedish language and many other languages. Try changing and adding words to make the language more inclusive!

About skin color

We live in a society where it goes without saying that we have different skin colors. Children's books still lack a reflection of society as it looks today and it is a majority of white children and white adults who appear in children's literature.

In the book the reference book Christmas, among other things, Santa has brown skin. Recognition seeing people similar to oneself is important for all children and adults. It also affects both reading and the desire to read. Getting mirrored also becomes a way to build a positive self-image and feel included in society.

The preschool curriculum

"The pre-school's mission includes transferring and developing a cultural heritage - values, traditions and history, language and knowledge - from one generation to the next. The preschool must also ensure that different cultures are made visible in the education.” Lpfö 2018