Book guide: ABC of the body

Knowledge of the body

A as in arm sweat and B as in chest,
K as in love and M as in period,
Q as in queer and R as in ass!

ABC of the body is a book about everything the body has, does and feels. A book where the letters are full of knowledge!

Questions about expressing feelings

G as in cry. How does crying make you feel? Do you want to be comforted when you cry? How? A hug, or hold a hand? Or something else?

O as in worry. Have you ever felt anxiety in your body? What happened then? What can one do to become calmer?

J as in jojk. It is a song created without words and sung by Sami people. Have you ever heard jok?

Practice conveying emotions in different ways!
Search online for Jojk listen and watch together. In what different ways can we convey emotions? With song, sound, mincemeat, sign language and with the body. Choose an emotion, for example joy, and try together to express it in different ways. Try several different emotions and ways of expressing them.

Questions about the body

The body's ABC addresses things that the body has, does and that the body can feel. Can you think of more things that the body does and feels than those in the book?

Choose something that you think is missing from the book. Find out the facts and write your own text and draw pictures. Maybe you can create your own alphabet that deals with more things that the body can do and feel?

Q as in queer

The word queer is about, among other things, that people can decide for themselves which pronoun they prefer to be called she, hen, he or something else. Queer is also about our gender identity, how we feel and who we want to be. It is also about our gender expression, how we want to portray ourselves with clothes, hairstyle, body language and voice.

Cis people are people whose biological gender matches their gender identity and gender expression, for example a person born with the biological gender female who likes to shop for clothes in the girls department. Cis is Latin and means on the same side. Transgender people are people whose biological sex does not match their gender identity or gender expression. Trans is lation and means on different side. Cis and Trans have nothing to do with sexuality, so Cis and Trans people can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual.

Queer also includes sexuality and who we fall in love with - all love has a place under the rainbow!

The preschool curriculum

"Preschool gives every child the conditions to develop motor skills, coordination skills and body image, as well as an understanding of how important it is to take care of their health and well-being." Lpfö 2018