Book guide: Mix drives

Car, tractor and train!

Mix loves anything that hums and rolls. Cars, tractors, trains and planes. It goes all the way into space. Oh, how fast it goes!

A book that creates conversations about vehicles, technology and trying new things.

Questions about driving different vehicles

Mix drives a backhoe. Have you seen a backhoe? Why do you think the wheels on a backhoe are so big?

Mix drives the bus. Have you ever taken a bus? How many people can fit in a bus? How many people can fit in a car? If you imagine all the people on the bus, how many cars does that correspond to?

What different vehicles would you like to try driving?

What is the smallest vehicle you have seen? And which is the biggest?

About climate

That we are facing climate change and challenges in the future is scientifically proven. In order for us to create change, several things are required, that we ride more collectively and carpool when possible. That the vehicles we use are transitioning from being fossil fueled to being electric. By cycling and walking instead of driving, we can also make a difference to the climate. The preschool's mission is to work to ensure that the children gain knowledge about the transition we need to make for a climate-smart society. There is a clear gender aspect to emissions: men as a group drive more cars and eat more meat compared to women as a group. Therefore, it is important that we also include a gender perspective in our climate work.

Norms around driving

Boys are encouraged through traditional gender roles to like and play with cars and other vehicles. While girls are expected to enjoy playing with dolls. We can also see in society that there are more men who take care of the car, change the tires and fix it, while men only take 30% of all parental leave. How would it be if we pretend that the cars transport people to hospitals, make food and flower deliveries or help injured animals? And how about if we play Spiderman becomes a father? With the help of play, we can change stereotypical norms. And by providing role models like Mix, we open up the fact that it is obvious that girls drive the bus, the train and the tractor.

One way to develop the game is for an adult to be involved and introduce more ways to play with vehicles, simply that we add to broaden the norms.

The preschool curriculum

"The children must be given the conditions both for play that they themselves initiate and that someone in the work team introduces. All children must be given the opportunity to participate in joint games based on their conditions and abilities. When someone in the work team follows or leads play in an appropriate way, either outside of play or by participating themselves, factors that limit play can be noticed and work methods and environments that promote play can be developed." Lpfö 2018