Book guide: The Pirates and the Ghost Wreck

What is it that glittered at the bottom of the sea?

They find a casket hidden in a corner, and magical pearls so brilliant blue. They take as many pearls as they can ever carry, then suddenly they see a ghost very close.
Ouch ouch, pirates a ghost at the mast
Ship o'clock, comrades Watch out for the gas!

Questions of cooperation and courage

Olga Os is caught in a jellyfish's stringy tangle! To free her, the pirates must work together. Why do you think it is important to collaborate?

Watch the expressions on Tilde and Helle's faces when they catch sight of Madame Ching's ghost. What emotions do you think they feel? Have you ever felt the way you think they feel?

Madame Ching wants the pirates to take her tin chest and spread the songs about her adventures. Why then, do you think? Is it important to know what people before us have done? Why/why not?

Madame Ching was also a brave pirate. What can be good about being brave, do you think? What could be less good?

Questions about the sea and being bored

The pirates entertain themselves by singing, cooking porridge and breaking arms. What do you do when you are bored?

The pirates have heard of a treasure far below the surface of the water. One by one they jump into the water. Do you enjoy swimming? What's funny about that? Do you find yourself looking for treasure when you bathe?

The ocean is big, and important for many creatures to feel good. What is under the surface of the ocean? Why do you think it is important for the ocean to be healthy?

The pirates sail the seas and find adventure everywhere! Have you ever been on an adventure? What's fun about adventure? Is there anything that could be less fun?

About the climate crisis

The climate crisis is acute and many animals that live in the oceans are dying out. We must find new ways to relate to nature and the earth and change our way of life. What can we do to help each other slow down the climate crisis? Talk to the children about what good solutions there are. What can you try doing at preschool? Grow your own food, build insect nests and turn off the lights at night so that bats and other animals get the darkness they need to feel good. By talking to children about the environment and climate, we lay the foundations for an early relationship with nature. By experiencing it in reality and in literature, we can lay the foundation for such a bond between man and nature, which is crucial for a sustainable future.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop an understanding of connections in nature and of nature's various cycles as well as of how people, nature and society affect each other, understanding of how people's different choices in everyday life can contribute to sustainable development." Lpfö 2018