Book guide: Mission: The Ogre

Are you ready if a werewolf comes growling?

Do you want to know what dangers lurk in the swamp? Or exactly how dangerous a swamp troll is? Then you must accompany Lina and Peppar on their mission.

Questions about the book

1. Pepper practices shooting dot. Why is it good to practice things before assignments?

2. Grandma gives Lina and Peppar advice on how to prepare. but for more advice they need to go to Leo. Who do you usually ask for advice?

3. Pepper notices that Lina gets scared by the sounds in the forest. What does Pepper do then? How does that make Lina feel? Do you have a trick to make yourself less afraid?

4. When her knees start to creak, Lina becomes sad. So how does Pepper help her? What do you think would have happened if Pepper had been scared too?

5. The goblins are looking for Lina and Peppar, why are they looking for them?

6. The grumble troll helps her ruler even though she doesn't seem to be kind to them. Why do they help her, do you think? Have you ever been with someone who was mean to you? How did it feel?

7. Why do you think the ruler gets to decide even though she is mean? Could it be that she gets to decide precisely because she is mean? Why?

Who is in charge?

Talk about different ways of deciding. Democracy means that everyone should decide together. There are also other ways to determine. Dictatorship means that a few rule over everyone else. Discuss together what is good and bad about the different ways.

Sweden is a democracy where everyone must decide together. Is that so? Think together about how much the children decide in their lives and whether there are things they could decide more about.


Which adventurers do you know? Ester Blenda Nordström was an adventurer who lived from 1891 to 1948. She was a journalist and author and Sweden's first investigative reporter. She signed the signature Bansai and has inspired, among other things
Astrid Lindgren to the Pippi Longstocking books. She was part of the farmers' train, saved thousands of starving people in Finland, fought for women's suffrage and climbed mountains in Argentina and Chile, among other places.

Eva Dickson's whole life was one big adventure. Eva challenged the men's society of the time regarding what women should, can and must do. She also inspired and pushed the boundaries of all of Europe by constantly undertaking new adventures. She is best known for her 40-day long car journey in 1932 from Nairobi
to Stockholm.

About daring to ask for help

We all need help from time to time. But asking for help is something you have to practice to learn, just as you need to practice doing things yourself. It is important that everyone gets to practice finding solutions. Just as important is learning to ask for help. If you don't ask for help, it can have consequences in the small, such as getting shot in the back after lifting things that you really couldn't bear to carry yourself, but also in the big, such as not daring to ask for help when you feel bad or are heading into addiction. In this book, Lina and Peppar get advice from Grandma and Leo, but they manage the adventure on their own while helping each other.

The school curriculum

"Democratic values ​​and principles, in contexts that are familiar to the students. How joint decisions can be made and how conflicts can be handled in a constructive way." Lgr rev. 2019