Book guide: Mission: The Water Witch

Hang out with Lina and the twelve Peppar!

Do you want to know how to pull off a prank with the water witch? Or how to write a letter with invisible writing? Then you should accompany Lina and Peppar on their exciting mission.

Questions about the book

1. Axel thinks it is Lina who fooled him when it is actually Peppar. Have you been blamed for something you didn't do? How did it feel?

2. When we feel how it feels in the stomach, it is usually called a gut feeling. that we actually feel whether it feels good or bad, right or wrong. Do you think it is important to listen to your gut feeling?

3. Lina gets brave when she thinks about her grandmother. Why do you think she will be? When do you usually feel brave? Lina's grandmother inspires her. Is there someone who inspires you to do things?

4. The Water Witch screams "Shut up, you stupid kid!" when she gets angry. What do you usually do when you get angry?

5. Lina and grandma usually tell each other about adventures they've been on. What is an adventure to you? Do you usually tell anyone about your adventures?

6. Lina receives a secret book from her grandmother. She must promise not to tell anyone about the book. If you had a holy book what would you write in it?

7. Lina prepares for the mission by eating and packing a bag with necessary things. How do you usually prepare before going to school?

8. Lina and Peppar complete the exciting mission. What do you think it was that made them complete the mission? How do you think it would have been for Lina if Peppar hadn't been there?

About preparation

In this book, it is Lina who takes the important role and prepares herself. Talk to each other about why and how you prepare for different things. That breakfast, for example, is a preparation to cope with the day. That school is a preparation for the rest of life. Preparing can also involve asking for help. Teach all children to ask for help when they need it. Practicing saying no can also be an important preparation for different situations.

The school curriculum

"In teaching, the students must also be given the opportunity to develop familiarity with democratic principles, working methods and processes by being allowed to participate, exert influence and take responsibility in the activities. Through this, the students must be given the conditions to develop confidence in themselves and their ability to cooperate and to deal with conflicts in a constructive way." Lgr rev. 2019