Book guide: We bake buns

Cinnamon, yeast, sugar and butter!

What is needed to make buns? A book that arouses curiosity for baking and tinkering with the dough.

Questions about baking, fooling around and being equal

The child bakes buns with his father. Have you ever baked? What did you bake then?

In the book, the child spills soy drink when she bakes. Have you ever spilled? What happened then?

The child and the father have pink shutters in their kitchen. What color do you have the shutters where you live? If you had to decide - what color would you have?

In the book, the child blames his father. She fools around a bit. Have you ever fooled around? Are there vices that are good and vices that are bad?

The child and the father have different lengths of hair. But it has the same hair color. They are the same and different at the same time. Are you similar and different to someone in your family?

About the father role

Fathers take 30% of the parental leave. So it is still mainly women who are at home with small children. According to the statistics, they are also responsible for the majority of care for sick children. But it is good for the children, the family as a whole and the whole society if all the parents a child has create close relationships with their children. By offering role models in literature, we can create better conditions for more little boys to grow up to be present parents

The whiteness standard

We live in a society where diversity is a matter of course, but in the world of picture books there is a lack of reflection of the different skin colors of today. The whiteness norm is a pattern that can also be seen in other media, that more people with beige skin color are seen in the pictures. All children have the right to recognize themselves in children's literature. Recognition is an important aspect of both reading and creating a love of reading. Getting mirrored also becomes a way to build a positive self-image and feel included in society. By portraying and including children and adults with different skin colors in an obvious way, we promote the equal value of all children and create new inclusive standards.

The preschool curriculum

"No child shall be exposed to discrimination in preschool on the basis of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age, of the child or of someone to whom the child has a connection." Lpfö 2018