Book guide: We grow wild strawberries

Sun Wind and water?

What is needed for something to grow? A book that inspires cultivation and conversation about soil, seeds and other exciting things.

Questions about farming

What is needed for the strawberry seeds to grow? Have you ever planted seeds?

The child and his fathers must wait for the seeds to germinate, for them to become flowers and then for them to become berries. That's a lot of waiting! Have you ever waited for something? What happened then?

The child and the fathers farm on the balcony. Where can we grow more?

The child and the fathers eat the strawberry at the end. Everyone gets to taste. What's good when everyone gets to taste? How does it feel if only some get to taste? What can you do if someone doesn't get to taste it?

Norms around cultivation

For many, the word farmer is synonymous with a man. Cultivating on a smaller scale connected with girls and women. Probably because it is a job that is not seen as a profession and as something that is part of so-called paid work. If we read gardening magazines, they are almost completely dominated by women, apart from a man who is included, but then as an "expert". To cope with the climate crisis, we will need to grow more in our vicinity. Showing an interest in nature is an important factor for a sustainable way of life, where we realize that we are part of a larger ecosystem where what we do matters. This book challenges gender norms by having two men who are caretakers and also because the men are interested in farming.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop an understanding of connections in nature and of nature's various cycles as well as of how people, nature and society affect each other, an understanding of how people's different choices in everyday life can contribute to sustainable development, an understanding of natural science, knowledge about plants and animals as well as simple chemical processes and physical phenomena.” Lpfö 2018