Book guide: Zozo & the crayons

Green, pink or yellow?

Drawing is fun, but can you really draw on the wall? An exciting book about accidentally making mistakes.

Questions about the night and teddy bears

Zozo wakes up in the middle of the night. It is dark and quiet. Do you usually wake up at night?

Zozo feels that the teddy bear's nose is soft. How does your nose feel?

Zozo sleeps with his teddy bear. What do you like to sleep with?

Questions about drawing and sneaking

Zozo paints the dog's nose, and dad's. She also paints the large, beautiful wall. Do you like to draw?

Zozo has to sneak up. Beware of the ball and the block. Can you show, how do you sneak?

Zozo messes with daddy! Who do you like to fool around with? What could be fun about fooling around? Is there anything less fun about fooling around?

Norms about skin color

In societies all over the world there are people of different origins and with different skin colors, just like in Sweden. But in the pictures on the children's bookshelf, there is instead a large dominance of people with beige skin who are ethnically Swedish. This means that some children are rarely mirrored in children's books and get to read about people who do not look like them, while others are mirrored almost constantly. This affects both the view of oneself and of others. It makes people with brown and black skin invisible and also causes us to recreate old ideas about who is important and thus should appear in books.

In order to create an inclusive society where everyone is equally valuable, it is therefore important to reflect children and adults with all different skin colors.

The preschool curriculum

"Preschool should stimulate the children's creativity, curiosity and self-esteem. The children should have the opportunity to wonder and develop their ability to explore, communicate and reflect. The education should stimulate the children to take initiative and responsibility and give them the opportunity to work both independently and together with others." Lpfö 2018