Book guide: Zozo & the teddy bear

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?

Zozo loves his teddy bear, he gets to go with everything. Excited about being in the grocery store, riding a shopping cart and helping to shop.

Questions about shopping, food and rainbows

Do you usually go grocery shopping? Have you tried sitting in a shopping cart?

The dads get help from Zozo to shop. Do you usually help? What's fun about helping adults?

Much of the food we buy is thrown away unnecessarily. Do you know what you can do to reduce food waste?

Zozo's teddy bears a rainbow patterned scarf. Have you seen anything with a rainbow on it? Have you seen a rainbow outside?

Questions about tears and being sad

In the book, Zozo bursts into tears. Why does she get so sad? When was the last time you were sad? How did it feel?

Why are tears coming from the eyes? Are there happy tears?

About food and climate

A third of all food is thrown away in Sweden. In 2020, 0.9 million tonnes of solid food was thrown away in Sweden. This corresponds to 88 kg per person, of which 61 kg occurs in households. For households, food and drink to sewers has also been estimated at an additional 190,000 tonnes, which corresponds to 18 kg per person per year.

According to the UN, 931 million tons, or 17 percent, of all food available to consumers, either in homes, restaurants or shops, ends up in the garbage. This corresponds to 23 million fully loaded 40-tonne trucks every year. We live in a climate crisis where we have to economize on resources. What can you do to reduce food waste?

The preschool curriculum

"Preschool must give every child the conditions to develop an understanding of how people's different choices in everyday life can contribute to sustainable development." Lpfö 2018