We help you create change!

Our tutorials are tailored to your needs. Sometimes we meet for tutoring every other month for a whole year, sometimes we tutor on occasional occasions. The tutorial, which can be digital or on-site, is primarily aimed at principals, managers, pedagogues and teachers. We help you structure your work and make an action plan for change.

We also have extensive experience in leading projects for gender equality, normative creativity, children's rights and LGBTQ issues, so if you need it, just get in touch.

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Small changes make a big difference

In the tutorial, we usually emphasize the strength of everyone testing and doing the same things. In order to change and create new inclusive and equal standards, it is always good to have a common knowledge base. We tend to scale back the work and say that it is better to test three things instead of making overly long action plans that remain in a folder on the computer or a folder in the staff room. For us, follow-up is also important - what has worked well and what do we need to screw up and develop?

Tip! Start using the word different

We work with a norm-critical perspective and in order to create change it is important to get away from the mindset of tolerance, where we divide people into "us" and "them". Instead, we need to think and work inclusively. One way to change is to replace and add words.

Instead of saying different culture, different language, different skin color, different family form, say different cultures, different languages, different skin color. In this way, you get away from the tolerance mindset about "the others". The word different shows in an obvious way that it is precisely different and there is no value in it!

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