Treasure hunt

“Arrrrgh pirates
Gold and diamonds
Ship ohoy comrades
What a treasure of brilliants!”

Preparation: Hide a box of candy bags in a secret place. If the children love raisins and dried fruit, you can replace the candy with that. Also hide a fake treasure with a box of tomatoes in another secret place. At the bottom of the box of tomatoes there should be a note with a clue.

1. The treasure hunt begins with all the children standing in a group. They must now take five steps straight forward.

2. Spin around three times and then go 10 steps to the right. Tell the children to find a blue thing in the room to take with them.

3. Then the children get a clue that they should go to a certain room, if you play inside or a special tree if you play outside. The fake treasure with tomatoes should be hidden in this room or tree. In the room/at the tree, it is fish or bird that applies. They get a clue from the adult that they should look on the ground/floor if it's fish, if you've hidden the treasure higher up it's bird.

4. Stand in a ring and cheer and do pirate whoops when you have found the fake treasure. Now the pirates get to open the box with the treasure.

5. At the bottom of the box is a new clue: go to the water! If you're playing inside, that means going to the shower, tub, or faucet, if you're playing outside, that means finding a puddle!

6. When the children reach the water, they must put the blue thing they found there. Then the pirates must take five steps straight forward. Spin three turns. Go 10 steps to the left.

7. The last clue leads the baren to a room or place where the real treasure is hidden. Tell the kids to sneak in there and be very quiet so the sharks don't wake up.

8. When the pirates find the treasure, stand in a ring and cheer before the children can open the box with the treasure in it. Tell the children to help each other so that everyone gets a bag of sweets/raisins and dried fruit.