Title list for OLIKA publishers' publication in 2023

In 2023, we will release 10 fantastic titles that all contribute to equality, equality and a sustainable world! This year we offer several new authors and illustrators, as part of broadening the representation. Whose stories get to be heard?

Spring in Sápmi (approx. 1-3 years)
Author: Elin Marakatt
Illustrator: Anna-Stina Svonni
ISBN: 9789189405417
Released: April 2023

Party in Sápmi (approx. 1-3 years)
Author: Elin Marakatt
Illustrator: Anna-Stina Svonni
ISBN: 9789189405424
Released: June 2023

Lo saves a chair (approx. 1-3 years)
Author: Sarah Vegna
Illustrator: Alaya Vindelman
ISBN: 9789189405486
Released: October 2023

The trash heroes (approx. 3-6 years)
Author: Kristina Henkel & Marie Tomicic
Illustrator: Tarek Alfutih
ISBN: 9789189405448
Released: May 2023

Grandma's hats (approx. 3-6 years)
Author: Rafeala Stålbalk Klose
Illustrator: Louise Edlund Winblad
ISBN: 9789189405523
Released: October 2023

My color, your color - an anti-racist handbook (approx. 3-6 years)
Author: Laura Henry-Allain
Illustrator: Onyinye Iwu
ISBN: 9789189405301
Released: August 2023

My embarrassing family at a party (easy to read, capitals, approx. 6-9 years)
Author: Sara Berg and Karin Frimodig
Illustrator: Bettina Johansson
Released: June 2023
Series: My embarrassing family

Dream big, Zecira! (illustrated chapter book approx. 6-9 years)
Author: Anja Gatu
Illustrator: Johanna Zverzina
Released: August 2023
Series: Sports stars

Mission: Stop the Christmas Pirates! (illustrated chapter book approx. 6-9 years)
Author: Cecilia Rihs
Illustrator: Jennifer Berglund
ISBN: 9789189405516
Released: September 2023
Series: The assignment books

Could it happen again? About the Holocaust and the Second World War (approx. 9-12 years)
Author: Jesper Lundqvist
Illustrator: Fideli Sundqvist
ISBN: 9789189405318
Released: March 2023
Series: DIFFERENT facts