Har ni barnböcker med LKG?

Do you have children's books with LKG?

Do you have children's books with LKG?

LKG is a collective name for different types of clefts: cleft lip, jaw and/or palate. It is the most common congenital abnormality of the face, but is rarely seen in children's literature. We received a question on Instagram about books where children with LKG can be seen and take a seat. This is how the LKG mother writes to us:

"Children with facial abnormalities comprise a relatively large group, from children with LKG, or other craniofacial malformations, to people with various kinds of birthmarks/skin conditions. Around 150-200 children with LKG are born in Sweden every year. This is more than the number of children who are born with Down's Syndrome (about 120 children/year) but the LKG group, unlike the group with Down's Syndrome, is not visible in children's literature. I don't really like to compare different groups in that way because I believe that everyone should have a place and visible.
But the fact remains that children with LKG are rarely represented. LKG is seen almost exclusively in advertisements for various organizations that operate on children with LKG. Unfortunately, it is not in any positive or empowering way, because you mainly see crying children who live in vulnerability. The organizations that do the operations are doing a great job, but it's such a shame that the knowledge in the community and the exposure of LKG is mainly exposed to it.
Our children need to be able to identify with strong, courageous characters in literature. Other children need to be exposed to more types of faces than the norm. In this way, we reduce the risk that a scar on the lip, a flat nose, a large birthmark or any other deviant face will be perceived as something strange."
Our answer is that we currently do not have any books with LKG, but we will of course include it in future releases! Thank you for contacting us! ❤️

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