Återvunnet papper, spelar det roll?

Recycled paper, does it matter?

Recycled paper, does it matter?

Every time we produce something, we emit carbon dioxide. There are no ways around it. So what is the solution? To stop producing books altogether? Sometimes it can feel tempting. But we chose a different path: to do everything we can to create sustainable production.

One of the steps was to switch from new to recycled paper and we launched our investment at the 2022 book fair, including with a debate article in Aftonbladet. But at the book fair, no one wanted to talk about how all the thousands of books had been produced. If we compare with, for example, the clothing industry, there is a great interest in the recycled, also in the packaging industry. But in the book world it is still quiet. Why is it like that?

By switching from new to recycled paper, we reduced our carbon footprint from 0.7 kg of carbon dioxide to 0.6 kg of carbon dioxide per book. We found two paper mills in Europe that invested in creating paper that can be used in books.

In addition; if we leave a tree standing, it can absorb carbon dioxide all the time. But if we cut down and plant a new one, it takes about 30 years before it absorbs as much carbon dioxide as the tree we take down. This is why you should be skeptical of those who compensate for the climate by planting new trees.

So yes, it does matter if we use recycled paper or new! Today, recycled paper is expensive and difficult to obtain as demand is low.

How can we together increase demand? If you have ideas, we gratefully accept suggestions on how we can raise interest in books and the climate.

Thank you for joining us on the journey towards a more sustainable book! ♻️

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