Tesla's dad doesn't want to! (recycled paper)

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Type: Bilderbok
Författare: Åsa Mendel Hartvig
Illustratör: Caroline Röstlund

Half the price! In the new edition, it says "Tessla's mom" instead of "Tessla's dad" on the back of the book. Other than that, the book is as fine as usual. 😍⭐

Imagine not having to go to work and being able to drink hot chocolate instead of coffee!

No! Tesla's dad doesn't want to get up. Not brushing the hair. He doesn't want to drink coffee. Not reading the newspaper. And definitely not go to work. If he doesn't get to wear all the barrettes and play on the way to work!

In the children's book Tessla's dad doesn't want to! are roles reversed and a father who says no to everything. A cozy and funny children's book about the everyday life - easy for both adults and children to identify with.

What is OLIKA? ❤️

  • About a funny, playful and defiant father
  • A dad in a suit with glitter and hair clips
  • Turns the roles between parent and child upside down


Tesla's father does not want! is printed on recycled EU-blomman marked paper on a Svanen-labelled printing house - good for our climate and for our children!

OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃 Read more about  our active climate work !


Age approx: 1-3 years
ISBN: 9789187413179
Format: Hard cover, hardcover book
Size: 18.5 x 18.5 cm
Number of pages: 28
Weight: 170 g
Paper: EU flower-labeled recycled Cyclus Silk from Lecta, produced in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, France
Printer: Nordic Ecolabelled printing house Dardedze Holografija in Riga, Latvia


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