Pirate party

Time for a Pirate Party!

"Ouch, ouch pirates
We are the best
Ship ohoy comrades
now it's going to be a party!”

Hang out with Ragnhild Rysare, Marulks Mia, Tilde Träben, Katinka Krok and the pirate gang at the party!

Party start with a pirate hat

It's good to have a clear start to a party so that all the children feel welcome and to create community - now we all enter the pirate adventure!

Each child gets a pirate hat to paint and cut out - print the template or make your own. Make holes in both ends of the hat and attach a string. Do you want to reinforce the holes? Tape both sides of the paper where the hole should be, then make holes with a hole punch or scissors.

Sit in a ring and give each child a pirate name to wear during the party. For example Hedvig Haj, Siri Swordsman, Marulks Mohamed, Raymond Rysare, Kim Kikare and so on. Feel free to come up with the names together with the children!

Print pirate hat

3 fun and kind pirate games

"Ouch, ouch pirates
Get the schooner ready
Ship ohoy comrades
come on we're leaving!”

Bake shark cake

You need two sponge cake bases - they are easy to cut in. Fill the cake with whatever the children like: berries, chopped chocolate, jam, banana or something else good.

Color the cream with blueberry or blue caramel color. Shape the cake like a shark and pour the blue cream on it. Mini meringues become perfect shark teeth, strawberries become a lovely red tongue and two licorice boats become eyes. The shark cake is ready!

Print cake template

Jellyfish threads with blood - offer pirate food

Do you want to treat all the little pirates to something good to eat? Then jellyfish threads and pirate balls with blood are usually appreciated! Make jellyfish threads: cook spaghetti with a little blue caramel color or color with a beetroot. Make pirate balls: fry veggie balls and pour blood for those who want - that is, ketchup!

Pirate bags for the candy

There are lots of fun ways to make candy bags, cheap and good for the climate.

Coffee filter - fold the edges together and then staple together at the top.

Lonely socks - the sock monster always eats one sock so that there is only one left - perfect as a candy bag!

Toilet rolls – fold each end and staple when you have filled the roll with candy.

Tips for swinging pirate music
Robbers Jenny from Kåldolmar and Kalsipper
Come on come on pirates Pippi Longstocking
Pirates fab Pippi Longstocking