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Are you a parent, grandparent or another adult who meets children and young people? Here we have collected inspiration, books, training, storytimes, tips and other fun things that will help you achieve gender equality and equality in everyday life with children.

Everyday adventures for the youngest

By reading our books, you help to broaden norms and give children more role models and opportunities.

Storytime with Dragqueens

Lady Busty and Miss Shameless love to invite you into their colorful world full of love, friendship and joy! Now there are digital reading sessions with our wonderful Dragqueens. Perfect for children's parties or other festive occasions.

All fairy tale moments

Sample story time

Normcreative books directly in the mailbox.

DIFFERENT book club

I want to know more!

We have clubs for all children 0-12 years old!

Which club suits you?

All clubs

Figures to hang in the children's room

InventorJohanna, Kivi, the Pirates, Konrad and the Child in Titta parken. They are our heroes for broadening representation and giving children more opportunities.

Pirate party

Hang out with Ragnhild Rysare, Marulks Mia, Tilde Träben, Katinka Krok and the pirate gang at the party.

Party tips!

Talk to children

We offer book tutorials for all our books. They are written with a norm-critical mindset and give suggestions for norm-creative questions that you can use as inspiration when talking to children.

Cheers and strategies for all teenagers to feel good!

What happens when you start thinking about everything that is good about you instead of the other way around? Why is self-compassion smart, and what can you do to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings?

To the book Ta makten

Tips and other fun

Here we collect norm-creative methods, checklists and other things to do together with the children.

Why is gender equality important?

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